First chat session

Tool: Tapped in

Date: Saturday , 17 January, 2009

Time: 13:30 (GMT) – (Caracas time: 9:00 am)

Agenda: Getting to know each other (Synchronous Welcome session)

Chat participants

Moderators: Teadira, Miguel and Evelyn

Participants: Anna, Saeed and Roxanna.

Chat Summary: (Getting to know each other)


We enjoyed reading about participant’s countries: Costa Rica, Russia and Oman.


Participants asked questions related to the best blog tool and the value of Tapped in as a chat tool. Issues related to fast Internet connection in each country were also raised. (See chat script for more details).

If you did not attend our first chat session, please have a look at chat script below:


Second chat session

Tool: WIZiQ

Date: 24 / 01 / 2009

Time: 12:30 GMT 8:00am Caracas, Venezuela)

Agenda: To discuss search skills, evaluating internet sites, the web-based lesson, planning a web-based lesson

Moderators: Miguel Mendoza &  Teadira Perez

Participants: Anna, Saeed, Steve, Cristina, Isabel, Nino , and Laura

Link for the session:

Saturday Text-Voice session

Third chat session

Tool: WIZiQ

Date: 03 / 02/ 2009

pTime: 17:30 GMT (1:00am Caracas, Venezuela)

Agenda: To discuss blogging, task-based approach, web-based lesson design

Moderators: Miguel Mendoza, Teadira Perez & Evelyn Izquierdo

Participants: Anna and Eleni

Link for the session:

Tuesday Text-Voice session

Fourth chat session


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