Communication tools use

Yahoo Group

Purpose: This is our forum to get to know each other;  discuss main issues related to blogging and e-portfolios; announce text or voice sessions. This site also works as a repository of documents files and databases.


Purpose: This weblog is used to keep our syllabus and activities to be done during the session.


Purpose: This blog service provider well be used to showcase a blog-based lesson  & portfolio sample. Also, participants will be  suggested to use Blogger to showcase their own projects (They can choose any other though).


Purpose: This microblogging tool will be sued to send quick messages to members or tutors.

Twitter Tutorial 1      Twitter Tutorial 2       Twitter Tutorial 3

Twitter Group (BBLEP09)      All replies at @bblep09

Virtual rooms: WIZiQ & Tapped in

Purpose: These tools will be used  to discuss or demonstrate how to design a blog-based lesson or e-portfolios in real time (asynchronous sessions)

WIZiQ:   WIZiQ Tutorial 1     WIZiQ Tutorial 2

Tapped in :    Tapped in Tutorial

(You may need to download Java to run Tapped in)

Voice tools

Purpose: Skype will be used for voice meetings to clarify doubts to participants individually or in groups. Voicethread will be used to reflect about this session.

Skype : Skype Tutorial 1        Skype Tutorial 2

Voicethread (You may need to download or update Adobe Flash Player to record/write in Voicethread)


Purpose: This social bookmarking tool will be used to share links related to blogs and e-portfolios


Once you signed up, you will receive an invitation to join our Diigo Group


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