Blog-based lesson and e-portfolios

The read-write Web is more than a sexy, flashy phrase for an ELT teacher or a language learner. The potential it has got for developing reading and writing or as medium to teach and learn outside the classroom is immense.  However, there’s been a lot of buzz on what blogs are, how to set them up and the like. That’s OK. We do need to have the basics. However, we also need to translate that into its pedagogical applications in ELL (English Language Learning). The aim of this session is to show how blogs can be used to plan and design a paperless online lesson and how we can keep track of students’ works by means of portfolios. That is, we want to provide: hands-on practice to design a student-centered, task-based online lesson to be used in-class (a lab; alternative/complementary activities) or outside the classroom (remedial activity; extra practice) as well as teachers keeping track of their students’ class work by using e-portfolios.


Target Audience: Foreign language teachers

Requirements: Having an e-mail account, familiarity with blogs, word processors and Internet access


One Response to Description

  1. Velma Costa says:

    Hi, I’ve got some knowledge of blogs but I need more help on how to use them in class. I started one with me students but not much work has been done on it. That’s why I joined this group.

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