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Dear participants,

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35 Responses to Weekly Comments/Insights

  1. Leticia Gasca says:

    After reading the articles, I was reminded about my first contact with blogs…
    When the tsunami hit Phu-khet and other areas, I was an avid reader of a great blog, it opened my eyes to the reality going on there that had no place in the news.
    And it illustrated a bigger world out there.
    I hope that my students see how useful this is and feel motivated to do their journaling knowing everyone will have access to their entreis not just the teacher.

  2. evelynizquierdo says:

    Dear Leticia:

    Blogs are excellent tools for self-reflections indeed, and also, great means to share our knowledge, feelings, ideas, thoughts with the world. As you mentioned, there is a bigger world out there. With that special sensitivity you have, I’m sure your students will be happy to participate in a blog project.

    Moderating team

  3. Ally says:

    Are we bound to create an account with every tool mentioned in the communication tools section?

    I am creating a twitter account at the moment and I have a blogger account and a basic blog, plus Tapped in account…

  4. Melita says:

    Yes, hundreds of usernames and passwords do bother me. My friend once suggested to save all passwords in my wiki but then I lost my wiki password and everything started all over again.

    My daughter (30 yrs) has just discovered that her mother started her own Twitter. Well, I am following her and now I am going to use twitter to explain her that I am an EVo e-learner. She will never believe this.

  5. Melita says:

    Is it possible to correct a Twitter message after you submit it?

  6. Irada says:

    Learning about blogs is great, I am making first steps. I have always enjoyed reading blogs and can’t believe I can do them myself.

  7. teadira says:

    Hi Ally:

    You have to create an account for all the communication tools that we are going to use during this EVO session. Do not forget your Tapped in chat for tomorrow.

    On behalf of the Moderating Team

  8. Cristina says:

    I really want to thank all those who make this session possible. It’s amazing the quantity of useful information, generous suggestions and advice that I’ve been collecting during this first week. And it’s just “Getting started”!!!! I guess what the following weeks will be like. Well, this is my first time in EVO, and also in leaving messages, signing in so often, keeping records of so many “user names” and the like. Tomorrow, will be my first time chatting too; I’m really enthusiastic about it. Best luck for everybody in the group. See you all any moment. Cristina.

  9. Melita says:

    All these tutorials are simply wonderful!I downloaded Skype by myself early in the morning without bothering anyone. I even checked my sound hardware without knowing that something like this exists and I can ‘touch’ it.

    Well, there is a little but a temporary problem. I moved with my laptop to another location for this weekend and did not bring a microphone with me. I thought it is built in. Obviously it is not because I could not hear what I recorded. Anyway, I found all these out by myself. By next chat then.

  10. Miguel says:

    Hi Melita,

    You cannot edit messages in Twitter (after you have updated / sent one) but you can delete it.

    BTW, our first session is a text chat. This means you won’t need a microphone to participate in Tapped in.

  11. Roxana says:

    Hi everyone!
    So far, I have to say that I am really excited about this course and how I already know it will help me become a better teacher. While I was reading the articles, I thought about my students. Those students who are eager to learn and participate in class but that sometimes are shy to do so or believe that what they have to say is not as important as what everyone else is saying. I want to give everyone a chance to provide input to the class, incorporate their thoughts, participate actively, learn and why not have fun in the process. Blogs are a great way to achieve my goals. I can already picture my students posting their comments every week and giving insights on the reading assigned or the task for the week just like I, as a student of this course right now, am doing it. I am not afraid to learn, I feel a little bit overwhelm by the amount of information, but I am definitely eager to learn, participate and be involved. I imagine that my students will be motivated to do the same. I just how to know how to guide them.

  12. Melita says:

    Thanks a lot Miguel.

    Unfortunately I had to miss the chat today but had my 8 lines of introduction ready. Saving it for next time.

  13. What an amazing amount of new material to be seen! I thought I was quite up-to-date with technology in the classroom but have found a whole new world this week. I must say that this week was very organized and well worth the time spent.

  14. Cristina says:

    Yesterday, I required to join Bblep09 Grp at Tapped in but I haven’t received any confirmation yet. Was that the reason why I couldn’t participate in the synchronous meeting today? I searched the site several times to check if I had made any mistake before but I couldn’t make it. It was a pity because it would have been my first time chatting. Hope I’ll be luckier next time. Hugs. Cristina

  15. mike07 says:


    For some reason we kept on receiving an error message when checking to approve your membership. This is the message we received:

    “An unknown user was specified to have his/her request approved”

    Did you sign up to Tapped In before requesting membership?


  16. mahdokht says:

    i think i am a little bit behind the schedule. but recieving lots of mails confuses me. should i read all the mails one by one if i want to catch the session?

  17. Cristina says:

    I did sign before requesting membership but there’s some problem with my username. I asked for help in Tapped In and they asked to send a message asking for a change. I’m now waiting for the answer. I’ll let you know when the problem is solved. Thanks for your attention.

  18. mike07 says:

    Ok…Thanks Cristina!


  19. mike07 says:

    Hi mahdokht,

    If you don’t want to receive individual messages, you can go to Edit membership (You can see it above the title of the Yahoo group for this session) and select Daily Digest from Step 2. This way you will receive a compilation of the messages sent during the day.

    Now you don’t have to read all the messages to catch up. I think you should concentrate on the activities planned for the week. Once you get the hang of it you can start to post your own messages or interact with other participants.


  20. Melita says:

    I missed a chat yesterday because I had a worker in the house and he didin’t finish by the time the chat started. It was interesting to read it. Thanks for posting it.

    I’ve done almost everything from Week 1 except answering a survey about my blog experiences. I cannot find it. Hidden somewhere?

  21. Melita says:

    SORRY!!, Silly me, I found the survey and completed it.

  22. Blogging looks verry attractive, especially I liked the tasks on reading. Very impressive! However, I believe, there might be some problems with motivation. I tried to set online tasks for my students (I teach EFL to adults ) and many of them keep avoiding voicethread, public commenting, wikis etc.

  23. Anna Martynova says:

    Hi everyone,
    like many of you, I’m excited and a bit overloaded with information. This week I have explored a number of tools i haven’t heard of before – twitter, TI, WizIQ and I’m quite impressed with the opportunitnes they give -actually fantastic and revolutionary ones. I especially liked WizIQ – this tool allowes you to run you own teaching online,so it gives such ndependance that I could only dream of… So why aren’t we using the full potential of these tools? I guess this is due to group management problems which definetely arouse when you teach online.I have some experience of online teaching, i run a couple of courses in MOODLE for my Uni, and I can say that the most diffucult thing is to engage the learners into posting comments, contacting each other, creating something online, like their own blog,etc. So, online teaching , teaching with blogs, etc. looks very tempting but educators must bear in mind the need for nurturing special online learning culture in their learners. So, I would greatly appreciate some guidlines on how to involve and motivate people into online learning. So I completely agree with my compatriot Z above. I wonder whether this (student motivation ) is just our russian problem:))) or is it more or less the same worldwide?

  24. Cristina says:

    Finally I’ve solved my problem in TappedIn. The helpdesk kindly gave me a hand. I had typed my first name “María” with a stress and that caused some kind of trouble with my user name which now is “MariaCR” > I’m updating info in my profile. See you any time. Cristina

  25. mike07 says:

    That’s good news Cristina!!!!!!


  26. fraudrph says:

    Week 2 Tasks completed. I have to say that I have never, in 37 years, been to a workshop where I learned so much, so quickly that will be so beneficial for my students.
    Thank you!

  27. Lana Neufeld-Yilmaz says:

    I agree with Fraudrph that I have learnt so much in just the first two weeks.
    I`m so excited to be able to enter a world which will excite, wow AND benefit my students.

  28. Cristina says:

    Excellent material!! I hope I can take advantage of so much information and put it into practice asap. Even though overwhelmed at times, I feel much more confident now. The tasks are not difficult, but they take me quite a lot of time. I wonder what it will be like planning this type of lessons. I trust I’ll manage. I’m amazed and pleased to be working in this work.

  29. teadira says:

    Hello Cristina:

    Thanks for sharing how you are feeling so far. I am glad you are finding material and information useful. I do hope you manage to complete them all. We are going to take into account your comments to plan the week ahead.


  30. Evelyn says:

    Dear Anna:

    Motivation is an issue everywhere, especially when working online. Teachers should show their enthusiasm and provide students with simple and interesting activities when they begin using online materials. Those materials and activities must be graded, and there must be some kind of reward or something that encourages students to participate. They are all shy and afraid at the beginning, but once they start they won’t stop. There must be a lot of positive reinforcement, so they can feel confident about this new world. Providing tutorials and clear instructions is also a must.
    You may see some of my students’ work here: http://annualcourse2007-2008.wetpaint.com/ There was a lot of resistance at the beginning, but during the process they were very excited, and very happy and proud at the end.
    I hope this helps,


  31. Melita says:

    Can somebody explain what happened to the comments under Week 2? Is it only me who cannot see them anymore?

    In the beginning of our workshop I asked a question which comments to write under Week 1, Week 2 etc and which under Weekly Comments/Insight. Since there was no response I wrote them randomly. I am still not able to figure out a rule.



  32. mike07 says:

    Hi Melita,

    You don’t have to write comments in Week 1 and 2 (unless you want to). Now you can optionally write comments or insights in Weekly comments.

    Unfortunately, we had to move Week 1 and 2 to another blog since things were getting a bit overcrowded in Word Press.


  33. Melita says:

    Creating a Blogger account, the format appeared in my mother tongue, Slovene language. Is this normal? I don’t mind the language but for the purpose of this workshop perhaps it’s better if it’s in English.

  34. Melita says:

    Dear Miguel,

    I was embarassed a little because I ask questions all the time so I searched a Blogger dashboard a little and found language options. It’s English now.

  35. mike07 says:

    Hi Melita,

    Pleas ask…that’s what we are here for…to help you…

    1. It is OK using slovene language…Now for the session I think it is better english:)

    2. You know what…exploring and learning by yourself is also a good option, but whenever you feel like asking, please do.


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