Week 1

GETTING STARTED (Week 1: Jan 12-18, 2009)

During this week, participants will:

  • exchange introductions and become familiar with the group environments
  • sign up and try tools for synchronous or asynchronous communication to be used during the session (See Communications tools)
  • add themselves to the group map in Home
  • answer a survey to determine their previous experience with blogging
  • record or write about their expectations to the course in Voice Thread (See Communications tools)



10 Responses to Week 1

  1. Leticia Gasca says:

    When the tsunami hit Phu-khet and other areas, I was an avid reader of a great blog, it opened my eyes to the reality going on there that had no place in the news. And it illustrated a bigger world out there. I hope that my students see how useful this is and feel motivated to do their journaling knowing everyone will have access to their entreis not just the teacher. 😉

  2. Larissa says:

    Hi! I’m a bit confused by all these pages and links. I wonder where could find more instructions on what to do exactlyand where :-))

  3. evelynizquierdo says:

    Dear Larissa:

    All instructions on what to do for Week 1 are displayed on ‘Weekly Tasks’ and if you have any doubts about the Web tools we are going to use for communication, you may go to ‘Communication Tools Use’ where you will find several tutorials. If you observe this home page, you will see a ‘Pages’ menu on the right side. There, you will find all pages for this blog, but also in the menu bar above.

    Best regards,

    Moderating team

  4. Laura Gang says:

    Week 1 is coming to an end and I feel very happy with what I have learned; at the same time, I know I have just learned how to take the first baby steps into blogging. But that is great!
    I felt like on pause for the first few days because I got stuck with Twitter and then also with the Guest Map…but I finally got it working and that is a pat on the back for me. I got great tips from my classmates and instructors, too. 🙂
    In relation to the articles, reading the first one really got me thinking “Wow it would be great to do that with my sixth graders…” and then I got to thinking that I need to learn MORE before I set it up to where I can really use it…so Im setting a goal for myself of setting a blog like that and maybe start out with like a “pilot” blog with just a few of my students. I need also to consider the details of school class time, etc.
    The other articles basically are very helpful and I consider them to be like a handbook that I would need to have next to my computer so that I can check terms as i learn how to use the “secrets”, as I mentioned before, that one can only learn through USING. (I think that’s my learning style and although I scan them I usually don’t follow tutorials! I play around with everything first… 🙂 )

  5. Nalin says:

    It is quite amazing…I am really learning…

  6. MaríaLuján says:

    This is my first time on EVO, and it’s been great up to now. I can say I’ve learnt quite a lot this week, since I didn’t even know most of the tools we’ve been using. I’m looking forward to the following weeks, even though I’m going on holiday tomorrow and I’m afraid I’ll fall behind , and it’ll be hard to catch up with the tasks with my baby around! However, I’ll try to do my best.
    As regards the articles, they show how important blogs have become in the world of communication. I think that kids and teens aren’t as acquainted with blogs as they’re with e-mailing, text messaging and photologs. That’s why it’s worth to consider teaching them other ways to be informed and to have a voice of their own. As educators we are responsible for showing our pupils different ways to express themselves and not just teach contents.

  7. Ally says:

    I found the links very useful and I hope the next materials will be as useful as these.
    I created a virtual room with Tapped in but I’m not yet confident how to use it and how helpful it might be in the process. I’ll keep on reading and studying in order to progress.


  8. Melita says:

    I am a little confused about the following:
    – I submitted 2 comments on Weely comments but they have been ‘awaiting for moderation’. What does this mean?
    – What is the difference between Week 1 commentss and Weekly comments? What do we write under each of the titles?
    – The icons on the left of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Blog-based/ are not always active. I cannot figure out whae they are but I used them already and now I don’t remember what I did to make them active.

    Sorry for all these questions but on the one hand my impression is that I have learned something but on the other I am confused and not confident. No problem, I’ll keep going on.

  9. Cristina says:

    I am really enthusiastic about the session. I’ve read some blogs for some time but I’ve never had my own. I also tried to use blogs with my students but I never dared, probably because I lack the knowledge and experience I’m sure I’m going to get during the next 5 weeks. I’ve already discovered amazing information, suggestions and resources that really encourage me to keep on trying. Everything I’ve done during this first week is new for me so, I’m deeply grateful to everybody for your generosity.

  10. Saeed Al Abdulsalam says:

    Hi there

    I’ve come acroos a message saying that there is a meeting today eventhough noting is mentioned about that in week 1 tasks. can u tell me more about that.

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